Dhow Marine Site Terms of Use:

Welcome to Dhow Marine (Dhow Marine)

Dhow Marine is a classified electronic platform specializes in marine activities, which provides an opportunity for sellers/venders to advertise their products and services under number of different categories, as well as for buyers to get their needs and communicate directly with vendors to buy advertised products and services.

These Terms of use determines the nature of the agreement between you as a user and the Site Dhow Marine”, where they control the use of products and services we offer through our Site and smart application, and this agreement provides important information for you with respect to your content and data and the responsibility thereof, they determine our responsibility to you and your approval to the waiver of any reasonability as well as the waiver of your right to claim or raise any claim relating to any service or category advertised on the Site of Dhow Marine.

By accessing and use of the Site Dhow Marine, whether through the Internet browser, platforms or smart devices applications, you agree to the following conditions:

  1. Your Account: Some of the services in theDhow Marine require you to create your own account with your email and password. This e-mail will be the authorized e-mail. You will be responsible for maintaining and protecting the confidentiality of the password for your account. You will be responsible for all activities emanating from it. For this we recommend protecting your Password and selection of password that is difficult to access by others. If your account is compromised or misused, please contact our customer service team immediately.
  2. Use of theDhow Marine: You can publish on Dhow Marine while avoiding the following:
  3. violate any laws or any of our prohibited content policies.
  4. posting false, misleading,or fraudulent advertisements.
  5. Violation of any right of any other party.
  6. posting any abusive mail, serial messages, spreading of viruses or any other technology that would harm the Site or the interests and property of users or any other person.
  7. any act of sabotage such as attempts to block a service or tosabotage the structure of the Site.
  8. copy, edit or publish content ofanother person.
  9. use any prohibited means to access the Site database and collect content for anypurpose, including bot, spiders and any similar methods.
  10. collect information about other users including email or anyother personal information.
  11. Exceed procedures used to prevent or restrict access to the Site.
  12. use personal information about other persons without their express consent.
  13. Blocked content: Any ad containingone or more of the following prohibited things will be deleted. The Site reserves the right to permanently delete the user’s account, blacklist it, or notify the appropriate authorities:
  14. Alcoholic beverages, wines, tobacco products, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, liqueurs, medicines and analgesics, or even the establishment of links, whether direct or indirect, of articles, products or services prohibited by law.
  15. natural or industrial human organs including blood and body fluids as well.
  16. Prostitution or any other services, includingmaterials that violate the provisions of law and public order.
  17. Religiousmaterials, including books, antiques, etc., or any information or description of any of these materials that affect the religious feelings of any person or group.
  18. Sexual tools and inspirations (including: implication of slavery and idols), genital imaging, and so forth.
  19. Archaeological objects or treasures prohibited to be traded under any applicable law.
  20. Information and material indicating libel, defamation, threat or even abuse.
  21. false information of the nature or manner of use of the products and services.
  22. Counterfeit or stolen goods or illegal and unauthorized services.
  23. goods, materials and services that infringe on the rights and intellectual property of any third party, or even the privacy of any person.
  24. transferringelectronic computer viruses or any program that would hack computer systems and destroy them and withdraw personal data.
  25. false or misleading or fraud ads or containing an insultor abuse to users.
  26. hazardous chemicals and pesticides.
  27. fireworks, explosives, improvised explosive devices and other dangerous and burning materials.
  28. personal documents, financial records and any personal information including mailing lists.
  29. lottery tickets andthe bookmaker and
  30. police and army equipment of official badges, uniforms, coats, weapons and other materials that are prohibited from circulation.
  31. posting advertisements to competitors or competitors ofDhow Marine.
  32. weapons and related instruments (eg firearms, ammunition, tear gas and sharp objects).
  33. fraudulent marketing services and schemes for user fraud.
  34. Advertising video games.
  35. Declarations not related to maritime activities.


  1. Misuse ofDhow Marine: Please alarm and inform us of any problems or inappropriate content on the Site to work together to keep track of the services provided by the  Dhow Marine will terminate and end its services with any person abusing the Site and will remove their content and take legal action to preserve the rights of other users. However, in case any of these procedures have been taken, the Site is not responsible for any inappropriate content, or its consequences, that has been published.
  2. Property rights:As a user of the Site you agree not to copy, modify or publish our proprietary rights and trademark. When you publish any content of your own, you grant us a permanent and irrevocable right to apply the Site content and publishing rights and policies. If you feel that your rights are being violated, please notify our Customer Service Department and we will investigate the matter, and we still have the right to remove any content Violating any of our Terms of Use or the rights of the other party.
  3. Reporting Violations of Intellectual Property Rights:Users are prohibited from posting any content in violation of third party proprietary rights, including, but not limited to, infringement of intellectual property rights and trademarks of others and advertising fake material for sale , and we have the right to remove any content violates the terms of our publishing policy and protects the rights of others. If you feel that one of our ads violates your proprietary rights and trademark, all you have to do is notify our Customer Service department, and only those who own such tights is entitled to submit this communication.
  4. Fees and Services: Dhow Marine offers some of its services for free and charge a fee for some other services that my provided for users, and if you use one of the chargeable services, you will be required to review and approve them. Payment is made in local currency or in US dollars, we may change this mechanism from time, and we will notify you of any change to our payment policy by posting it on the Site. We may temporarily select some changes to your form of payment when you post new promotions or services. On the other hand, these fees are non-refundable, and you must pay them. If you do not, your services will be stopped.
  5. Concessions and Limitationof Liability: Dhow Marine offers Marine services as they exist or as they are available, and as a user you agree not to consider or hold the Site responsible or accountable for publishing content of any other users including, without being limited to: advertising or direct messages between users. The Site does not guarantee the accuracy of the advertisements or the existing means of communication or the extent of security or even compliance with the laws, because most of what is posted on the Site is posted by users. Moreover, the Site is not responsible for the lack of continuous access to services, which is out of our control, including interruption or delay due to your location or the development of the Internet. Therefore, we explicitly disclaim any warranties, express or implied warranties and conditions, including quality, merchantability, durability and suitability for the purpose for which it was manufactured. We do not assume responsibility for any loss, whether of money (including loss of profits), reputation or any special damages or indirectly resulting from your use of the Site, even if Even if we were informed about it or we were expecting such a thing. In spite of all this, in case we are responsible to you or to any third party, our liability is limited and restricted only to the payment of an amount equal to the total amount paid through you, for our paid services, for your account directly on the Site, for two months precedes the causative act of responsibility.
  6. Compensation: You will be requiredto pay or provide compensation to any third party who will file a complaint against you, including any amounts payable upon settlement or before, in addition to the legal costs incurred by any of the injured parties resulting from your misuse of Dhow Marine and the violation the terms of use and applicable laws. Dhow Marine, together with its Site manager, employees and officials, shall not be held liable or responsible for any of these losses, damages or compensations. The Site is reserving all its rights to protect its legal interest, and this shall not mean exempting or relieving you from the obligation to pay such compensation.
  7. Personal Information: When you use DhowMarine, we will keep personal information you place on the Site, such as email or phone number, and Dhow Marine will not sell or promote this information to any third parties without your consent.
  8. Amendment and Change of Policy:By using the Dhow Marine Site, you agree that at any time and without prior notice we may update, change or stop the whole or in part of any of the content and services, or any of these terms and conditions. Any update or change or stop shall be effective immediately upon publication on the Site, whether on its platform or services. The Site has an absolute right and entitlement to the control, management, elimination, modification and organization of the content, services, technology platform and all related Site issues, as it deems  The Site does not bear any responsibility in course of exercise any of these rights.
  9. Payment:Dhow Marine does not provide direct payment to any of its services or products that are offered on the Site.  The Site also does not act as a mediator or broker for payment of products/services between the purchaser and seller. The payment shall be made directly to the owner of advertisement or the goods directly, and Dhow Marine shall not be held liable for any failure if the user does not receive any amounts or in case of problems or defaults occurred during process, communication, offers or any information related to the goods and services offered on the  However, in case of bad behavior, fraud, misrepresentation, misuse, or failure to follow any of these provisions, it will result in the immediate termination of the user’s account without prejudice to the other legal rights of the Site. Moreover, the Site shall not be liable for any, damages, loss, or claim due to account lockout.
  10. The Agreement: The terms and policies announced onthe Dhow Marine website/application “Site”, form binding Agreement between You and the legal owner of the Site and supersede any prior agreement. This Agreement is subject to the laws of the State of Kuwait. This will never affect your legal rights if you are a consumer and requires that another law (such as the law of the country of residence) apply to certain matters. In the event of a court ruling of invalidity or non-enforcement of any of these terms and conditions, the remaining conditions shall remain in force.
  11. Acceptance of Membership or Use: TheSite shall have the right at any time and according to the absolute discretion of the Site owner, to accept, reject, move or delete any membership or user without giving reasons.
  12. Update Terms: TheSite has the right to update this Agreement and the erms of Use These at any time, and the user is responsible for following to abide by any updates posted on the Site.
  13. Terms of Use via Mobile Devices:If you use the Dhow Marine by applying to mobile phones/devices, this Terms of Use Agreement posted on the Site applies to you, in addition to the Mobile Privacy Policy, Legal Notice and License Agreement from the Mobile Service Operator. Your use of the Application confirms your acceptance of these Terms of Use.
  14. Use of the ApplicationDhowMarine gives you the right to personal use of its Application, so you must comply with all applicable laws and third-party agreement (such as: Wireless Service Provider Agreement). Dhow Marine Application may not contain all functions and services provided by Dhow Marine. You can download and use the Application of Dhow Marine so that you are responsible for any damages that may infect your computer/device, or loss of data resulting from downloading and using it.
  15. The Intellectual Property – Applications:Dhow Marine owns all rights and ownership interests of its Site and Applications, including patent rights, copyright, trade secrets, marks, and all other property rights, which include additions, updates, and amendments to its own Applications. No modification, translation or preparation of business models, deconstruction of code, software engineering or symbols or attempt to derive codes from another application, or similar works, may be made. It is also prohibited to remove, obscure, or alter existing copyright, trademark and intellectual property notices contained in or upon access to any of the Dhow Marine applications.